Sunday, December 14, 2008



Our lives are filled with things. We're overwhelmed by possessions we own but do not treasure. Stuff we buy but never love. To be thrown away in weeks rather than passed down for generations.

Perhaps it will be different now. Perhaps now is an opportunity to reassess what really matters. After all, if everything you ever bought her disappeared overnight, what would she truly miss?


The De Beers Family of Companies

[The above is a full-page advertisement in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. Except for the last sentence, it reads like something I might have written on this blog as a protest of consumerism. This is slick copy writing! Never mind that the "value" of diamonds is created by the total control of the supply and market by the De Beers company, and by a brilliant advertising campaign. Ah yes, all she really needs are some diamonds, and everything else will be Okey Dokey!]


Tiffany said...

But aren't diamonds a girl's best friend?

National Geographic did a great article a while back exposing the suffering behind most of the African diamonds. Of course now there are Canadian diamonds which are mined without human exploitation but, really, what's the point a diamonds in jewelry?

I remember a friend telling me how her husband had picked out her wedding ring - the husband polled his friends, asking the size of the diamonds on their wives rings and then he averaged. He came up with two carats and so that's what he bought my friend. I just thought that was so weird!

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