Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have previously posted about and from my friend, Sammy C. Lyon concerning the salmon-sea lion controversy at Bonneville Dam. The first post was in January, 2008, in which Sammy gave his species' position on this controversy. In an April, 2009 post, Sammy gave an emotional eulogy for his uncle, Jack C. Lyon, assumed to be killed by wildlife officials at Bonneville Dam. And in January, 2010, I reported the mysterious movements of Sea Lions along the Pacific coast, and the pending demonstrations by Sammy and his relatives.

And now, in a readmyopinion exclusive, I report on a visit to a secret training camp of the Sea Lion Liberation Front. I was taken, blindfolded, to this remote location, where I was allowed to take exclusive video of the training camp, and interview the Commander in charge. Here it is:

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Tiffany said...

Yes! Power to the seals!