Sunday, September 26, 2010


I keep asking myself "who are these people, and who votes for them?" It's truly a mystery to me. Things have gotten so dysfunctional in our political system that people actually vote for caricatures of comic characters. It used to be that The Daily Show and the Colbert Report were comedy about the news; now the programs are news about the comedy. It's funny and laughable; but is this the future of our Congress? Oh dear!

I suppose these political events are symptomatic of the reality of our times. People are angry, frustrated and fearful. The economy is in the toilet, the middle class is a fading memory, the wealthy class has shown their true colors of greed and disdain for everything except their quest for wealth and power, and our political system has become the Battle of the Partisans. Every good idea put forward by the Democrats is automatically rejected by the Republicans because, well, they want to be back in control.

And how do people deal with this? They lash out at - themselves. The rejection of "big government," entitlement programs, ending tax cuts for the rich, a comprehensive energy policy and other necessary programs only hurts the majority of people in this country, not those in power. We keep chewing off our own legs instead of fighting back against those who set out the traps.

I have to believe that this current madness will end before we do real damage to ourselves. I have to think that most people are intelligent enough to understand that this crop of wingnuts and dingbats is not what we want or need as representatives. Is it dreaming to hope that the majority of voters will see through the Party of No shenanigans and understand that we need intelligent and collaborative people in government if we are going to survive as a wealthy, vibrant and viable nation?

I still have hope for America - but it's on shaky ground.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Oh wow, I just noticed that the activity ticker in the corner of my blog is at 5,063 hits. I'm over 5,000 - yipee!

Let's see, I started this blog in November of 2004, so that means an average of about 833 hits per year; although, I didn't start the stat counter when I started the blog, so it's actually more than that.

I think my wife represents half of those hits.

Oh well.


So much going on in this world; so many things to write about; so little enthusiasm to do it.

Item: the largest number of automobiles ever sold in the United States in one year was 17 million. China expects to sell 20 million per year by the year 2020.

Item: we bought a new bedspread recently, and I was amazed that the packaging stated: "Made in Italy, sewn in the United States." Amazing, I thought, something not made in China. The next day an article in the NY Times related that in the Italian city that is the center for production of fabric, a huge influx of Chinese laborers has replaced Italians in the fabric industry. Oh well....

Item: Those Whacky Republicans. In the Senate, they fought and filibustered against a bill that would provide funds for small business loans (it finally passed with votes from 2 Republicans). They are fighting to extend the Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans because, well, it would hurt small businesses.

Item: Speaking about the Bush tax cuts... I read that the tax increase for the top 2% of us tax payers (those making more than $250,000 if filing jointly) would be 3% to 5% on the income above $250,000. So, if we use the 5% number, that means an increase of $50 per $1,000 income, or $50,000 per $1,000,000 income. So out of every $1,000 after an income of $250,000, I would retain $950; or $950,000 out of every $1,000,000. According to the Corporate Watch web site, the compensation for the top 100 CEO's ranged from a bit over $15 Million to a bit over $100 Million total compensation per year. So, assuming the total compensation for these CEOs is taxable (which I'm sure they loophole out of), the increased revenue to the United States government, if the Bush tax cuts end, would be $737,500 from the guy making $15 Million, and $4,987,500 from the guy pulling down $100 Million per year. And why is this bad??? By the way, the average worker in the US, according to the web site, makes a bit over $32,000 per year.

Item: Tea anyone? Yes, the Tea Party is roaring a mighty roar and winning primary elections. Amazed Republicans, including Carl "Yoda" Rove, dissed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell as stupid, weird and "nutty;" but the next day decided they'd better back her or they'll lose an important Senate seat.

Item: Taking matters into your own hands. And speaking of Ms. O'Donnell, the contender for the Delaware Senate seat, have you seen the video clips of her arguing that masturbation is a form of adultery? Can you spell wingnut?

Item: It's raining. Nice!