Monday, December 07, 2015


Ralph Peters, retired Lt. Col. U.S. Army, a frequent guest on Fox, commenting on the air about President Obama's speech from the Oval Office about terrorism: "I mean, this guy [President Obama] is such a total pussy, it's stunning," 

Donald J. Trump, leading Republican candidate for President of the United States, proposed, on the day after President Obamas speech about terrorism, to bar all Muslims from entering the United States until the government can "figure out what is going on." 

About a dozen demonstrators, some carrying weapons, in Irving, Texas outside a mosque: "It's not like were racist, homophobic bigots. We just have a certain level of distrust for certain Islamic people." And the Ku Klux Klan announced that they, too, were going to demonstrate in Irving; however, the original demonstrators want nothing to do with the Klan. 

Are there countries in the world that will accept me as a political refugee?