Wednesday, January 26, 2005


It took only about 2 minutes of watching the presidents news conference today to get me going on a rant. Asked about the new $80 billion request for the war and the troop strength in Iraq, the president said (and this is pretty close to a quote): Our mission in Iraq is to protect the Iraqi people from terrorists.

Say what!!!

I thought our mission in Iraq was to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction; or was it to oust Saddam Hussein; or was it to liberate the Iraqi people; or was it to spread freedom in the Middle East and the world. The Iraqi people didn't need protection from terrorists until Bush and Company invaded them and attracted all the terrorists to this new training camp for terrorism.

In the original Frankenstein story, the misguided scientist creates and nurtures a monster. But things go wrong, and the monster turns out to be really bad. So Doc Frankenstein rallies the townspeople to hunt down and kill this terrible monster who is terrifying the region, and in the process, the good people forget that the Doc created the monster in the first place.