Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Seriously. We just saw Man of Steel; oh barf. The beginning was hopeful; what is it like to be a little boy who is very different from everyone else? Actually a very sensitive treatment of the topic; OK, maybe this movie will be good.

And it was all downhill from there. Yes Hollywood, we know you can knock over a skyscraper using CGI; but isn't one enough? How many oil tanker trucks and locomotives have to be dropped on someone before it gets old? And fight scenes - OK, Supe and the bad dude in black can be rough and tumble, but didn't you learn that things need to come to an end?

How many millions of people were killed in this movie? Really, suspension of disbelief is the key to enjoying a comic book, but it doesn't take long before the audience is getting very uncomfortable because many, many innocent people are obviously being slaughtered here and, well, it just isn't OK.

This isn't fun. This is idiotic and senseless violence for the sake of idiotic and senseless violence. The real Superman would never have let this kind of murder and mayhem happen. The real Superman would have lured the villains away from the city so they could duke it out without committing mass murder. And the real Superman would have a lot more emotions than repeatedly clenching his fists and shouting as loud as possible. Come on, let's get real!

And need I say that I once again lost another small amount of hearing by sitting through yet another stupid action movie? Does it really need to be so loud? Do you movie makers equate loudness with quality, or is it that you think you can hide your bad movie-making skills behind a whole bunch of obnoxious noise? (And btw, my teenage grandkids agree with me on this one.)

I'm sorry Hollywood, but I think I'm finished with your comic book movies. Some of the early ones were quite good, but you've lost your way in the dazzling lure of big money and the computer generated graphics. The beauty of comic books used to be that the characters had, yes, character. There was intelligence behind the fists of steel. Violence was limited to bullets bouncing off of things, fists meeting chins (POW!!), and bad guys being rounded up and handed over to the cops. And the reader was allowed to use a thing known as the imagination; imagine that!

Am I being too harsh (BAM!!)? I don't think so, but I'm open to your opinion, just as you have now been subjected to mine.