Sunday, September 26, 2010


I keep asking myself "who are these people, and who votes for them?" It's truly a mystery to me. Things have gotten so dysfunctional in our political system that people actually vote for caricatures of comic characters. It used to be that The Daily Show and the Colbert Report were comedy about the news; now the programs are news about the comedy. It's funny and laughable; but is this the future of our Congress? Oh dear!

I suppose these political events are symptomatic of the reality of our times. People are angry, frustrated and fearful. The economy is in the toilet, the middle class is a fading memory, the wealthy class has shown their true colors of greed and disdain for everything except their quest for wealth and power, and our political system has become the Battle of the Partisans. Every good idea put forward by the Democrats is automatically rejected by the Republicans because, well, they want to be back in control.

And how do people deal with this? They lash out at - themselves. The rejection of "big government," entitlement programs, ending tax cuts for the rich, a comprehensive energy policy and other necessary programs only hurts the majority of people in this country, not those in power. We keep chewing off our own legs instead of fighting back against those who set out the traps.

I have to believe that this current madness will end before we do real damage to ourselves. I have to think that most people are intelligent enough to understand that this crop of wingnuts and dingbats is not what we want or need as representatives. Is it dreaming to hope that the majority of voters will see through the Party of No shenanigans and understand that we need intelligent and collaborative people in government if we are going to survive as a wealthy, vibrant and viable nation?

I still have hope for America - but it's on shaky ground.

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