Sunday, June 12, 2005


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If ever there was a time for revolution in the United States of America, this is it. Revolution, according to the web definiton, is "a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving." Some might say that the Bush ascendency has been a revolution - but I would argue that Bushism is a devolution, a move backwards into authoritarianism and unbridled greed by a privileged few who exert unprecedented control over the political far-right.

The revolution I envision is a great step up - a step towards real freedom and justice, not the cynical "spreading of freedom" promoted by the Bushies like snake oil salesmen at a carnival. Let's face facts - the United States of America is the greatest power on earth, but not for long. Our power at this point in history is based more and more on our military might. We get our way in the world because everyone else knows that we can blow them off the map if they don't act the way we want. Or that we'll sell bigger and better war tools to their neighbors or sworn enemies.

But ruling by military might is, if history teaches us anything, a short-lived dominance. The United States of America is a post-developed nation - we're on the downhill side of the top, and the future looks brighter for China and India.

The Bushies have squandered the things that make America great: the creativity of our people; the general affluency and compassion of our citizenry that can translate into good will around the world; our messy brand of democracy that allows for free speech, dissent, and the demanding of basic human rights. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, America and Americans were in a position to lead the world towards a new enlightenment. We had unprecedented support around the world, and an unprecented opportunity to show true global leadership.

The Bush administration didn't respond to this opportunity, it reacted in the most cynical way possible, and this once in a lifetime opportunity was lost. Now, almost four years later, the United States of America is a dirty word around the world, a symbol of oppression and repression, both abroad and at home. Bush Fascism has gained a stranglehold on U.S. citizens and the world, and this once great country has sunk into a pool of darkness from which I fear it may never escape.

So - the time for revolution is here. Now is the time to turn moral outrage into action. In the 1960's and 1970's hundreds of thousands of people in this country took to the streets to express their displeasure over civil rights abuses, and an increasingly unpopular and damaging war. The administrations of those times had no choice but to listen and act, and the directions of history were changed. What's different now? Have we become too complacent? Too fearful? Too bought-off by unprecedented luxuries that we don't want to lose? I fear for a citizenry that allows itself to be ruled by the likes of G. W. Bush and the cronies who surround him.

Finally, we need a leader for this revolution. We need someone who, unlike Al Gore and John Kerry, stands up and speaks the truth without first looking at how his or her words will do in the polls. We need a leader who has a world view and a vision for the future that sees the United States as a truly great world power based on our opportunity to nudge the world towards greatness, not rule it with an iron fist.

I'm more than ready for the revolution; are you?

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