Sunday, September 04, 2005


Once again, George W. Bush has demonstrated, beyond a doubt, that he is incapable of leading the United States of America. The result is a crushing national shame, and a feeling of bewilderment about how the events following Hurricane Katrina could happen here. A real leader would not have remained on vacation as this huge storm approached the Gulf coast. A real leader would not have gone first to California to make a political speech designed to lift his sagging poll numbers. A real leader would have personally made sure that federal emergency services were ready to go, and not have, apparently, relied on a chorus of yes-men. We need a real leader.

George W. Bush, his Vice President, his Cabinet, and his gang of arrogant, self-serving advisors need to pack up and crawl out of Washington D. C. back to whatever rat hole they crawled out of in the first place. Enough is enough!! The awkward, embarrassing early reaction to the events of September 11, 2001 were the first straw. The outright lies that fed the rush to invasion and occupation of Iraq were another straw. The massive give-aways to the power-elite of this country, the abandonment of public education, the environment, health care, and every other social program, were additional straws. But the inexcusable inaction to this major disaster was the last straw - these "folks" have to go!

I implore every citizen of this country to write letters to the editor, write or call your elected representatives, talk to friends and family - George W. Bush and his "compassionate conservative" team have to resign for the good of this country. Period. End of discussion.


  1. well ... uh ... I thought mr. bush was an elected president ...

    acording to you he is not and he can be fired ... because you disagree with the way he dealt with the situation and with people (some of them elected as well) that were suposed to be in the front line.

    I hope to see you running for president nest election. it will be fun to see how smart and qualified you are for the task!

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