Sunday, October 09, 2005

Party D or Party R? More Choices Needed

I kept shaking my head in agreement this morning as I read David Brooks' column in the NY Times (Oct 9, 2005). Mr. Brooks' assertion is that the two political parties in this country are old, tired, and uninspiring. I couldn't agree more. As I watch the Bush administration crumble under the weight of it's own incompetence, arrogance and lies, I'm hard-pressed to think of someone on either side who inspires me with their ideas and competence. The fact is that both parties are out of ideas, too tied up in cronyism and money, and have nothing new to offer.

We live in a new world in many important ways. Globalization and terrorism are two new major factors driving world politics. We need real political leadership with different ways of thinking. It's telling that, in the midst of the exposure of Bush Republican decay, the Democrats don't have anything to say.

I agree with David Brooks: it's time for an insurrection right here at home (see my previous post: "Now is it Time for the Revolution?").

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  1. My moral outrage has been expanding with every example of the greed, corruption, sheer heartlessness and damage caused to the country, its people, system and the entirety of the planet. We no longer have a government of, by and for the people. We are no longer governed by our own country and it's boundaries. We are governed by global corporate politics!

    This is our task: Revitalize a public education system as a foundation of democracy. The people need to have hope, inspiration, a belief in the value of government, democracy and the need for balance between individual rights and the good of the community.

    Thanks for letting me vent.