Saturday, December 24, 2005


I recently saw an interview on CNN news with a woman who, with her husband, have started Operation: Just Say Merry Christmas. They sell, via the internet, a charming green and red bracelet that says: "Just Say Merry Christmas." Here's what their web site says:

"The enemies of Christmas have succeeded in making Christians feel as if we are bad and intolerant to wish someone a "Merry Christmas". This is political correctness run amok. We have reached an all time low point in our nation's history when human sensibilities are elevated above offending Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is long past the time for Christians to stand firm in our faith."

OPERATION: JUST SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS is a campaign designed to encourage Christians nationwide and around the world to PROUDLY proclaim The Christ Child as the center of the Christmas Season once again.

In an effort to help turn the tide, we have created this Christmas wristband to help emphasize once again that the central focus of this season is the Birth of the Christ Child. It is our hope that by wearing the wristband you will join us to remind others that to celebrate the true meaning of this Holy Season.....


Wow! It sounds like there are some evildoers out there waging war on Christians. I've seen some of these battles - large signs in store windows proclaiming "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings." I've done it myself, saying "happy holidays" to people I know. Am I, therefore, an enemy of Christmas?

It's quite simple. We live in a society where not everyone is Christian. Saying "Merry Christmas" to Jewish, Muslim, and Buddist friends and relatives just doesn't cut it. Saying those words to Christian friends is very appropriate. So what's the problem?

The problem is that, once again, the Christian right is trying to make sure that we all know that the U. S. of A. is, in their minds, a Christian country. After all, isn't Christmas a national holiday? Well, yes it is, and that's another topic altogether. They want the right to display their religious icons on public property. They want their religious songs sung in public schools. They hate the fact that there is a separation of church and state in this country.

It's perfectly fine with me if people want to say Merry Christmas to each other. I think it's great if they want to put out huge displays of nativity scenes in front of their churches. But don't call me an enemy of Christmas if I don't want to see nativity scenes on the lawn of the county courthouse or city hall. And when I'm out doing my Chanukah gift shopping, I'd rather shop at a store that greets me with "Happy Holidays" because I know they want my money, too.

Isn't it interesting that Christmas has become the largest commercial season of the year? And it's not just our Christian friends who are out there spending - most of us get into the gift thing in December. And the Operation: Just Say Merry Christmas folks? Well, the woman interviewed on CNN and her husband own a Christian book store, and she said that they have sold about 200,000 of these wrist bands, at $2 each. A quick look on the internet shows that if you order large quantities, you can get these things for pennies each. Ah yes, this has been quite a Christmas for mom and pop at the bookstore, and a telling look at "the true meaning of this Holy Season."

So, in the spirit of respect and courtesy to all, not political correctness, I'll wish you all a very happy holiday season, and a very wonderful new year.

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