Thursday, May 18, 2006


On my way to a medical appointment today (don't get me started about the medical insurance industry!), the NPR radio station was live streaming the Senate confirmation hearing for Michael Hayden, the nominee for Director of the CIA. In the waiting room of the medical place, the big-screen T.V.s were set on CNN, which was live streaming the court hearing for the Duke students' rape trial, with interuptions to switch over to federal agents probing a farm field for the body of Jimmy Hoffa (yes, the one who disappeared 30 years ago).

One would think that the confirmation hearing for CIA Director, especially because the nominee runs the agency (NSA) that is spying on all of us U.S. citizens, would be of special interest to Americans and would be broadcast by a major television news channel. But I guess I'm wrong - I guess most Americans would rather watch the hearing about an alleged gang rape - maybe because it's so much like reality TV.

I think I'm almost ready to give up on my fellow citizens - maybe Bush & Company is exactly what we deserve!

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