Wednesday, October 18, 2006


About 4+ years ago, when we moved into our new home, we bought all new coffee gear: electric drip coffee maker, espresso machine, burr-type coffee bean grinder, and some accessories, all Starbucks brand from the corner store. (This became a shrine to Starbucks on a small counter in our kitchen.)

Every morning when I grind coffee beans for that fresh cuppa, I marvel and curse at the ground beans as they come leaping out of the little plastic drawer in the grinder when I pull it open. These fresh grounds are charged with static electricity and do their very best to get away from each other - and all over everything within a 6 to 8 inch radius. They stick to the metal measuring spoon, they stick to the grinder, they stick to the nearby espresso machine. Arghhhh!

Recently, a Peet's Coffee store opened across the street from our local Starbucks. We've been using Peet's roasted beans for a couple of weeks and, mystery of mysteries, the ground Peet's beans don't leap out of the grinder - they just sit there in an un-charged state waiting to be put into one of the machines that will douse them with boiling water.

This is truly one of the Great Mysteries of Life and, quite honestly, has me completely stumped. Any and all theories to explain the coffee grounds mystery will be gladly accepted.

And now, the pot is ready and I need that cuppa....

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