Thursday, November 02, 2006


In his November 1, 2006 OpEd column "An appeal of faith to President George W. Bush," Michael Freund implored the American President to accept the will of god and attack Iran in order to save Israel.

Mr. Freund urged President Bush to accept the responsibility of carrying out the mission for which he has been chosen:

I know you believe, as I do, that God guides the destiny of men and of nations. And I know you believe, just as I do, that He raised you up to the helm of power precisely at this critical period, to serve as His agent and His instrument in this world.

The God of history has chosen you, Mr. President, just as He did Churchill, and He has entrusted you with a sacred mandate: to save the world from the designs of a madman.

My response to this was published in the Jerusalem Post Letters to the Editor the next day. I think we would live in a better world if people didn't use the "God told me to do it" excuse!

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  1. I can not agree more with your letter. We are in a fundementsal struggle not just for peace in these times but for the long-term peace that can only come when we banish extreemism and theocracy. The name of G-D has been misused for centuries to justify crusades, genocides and numerous other crimes and atrocities. This is a horrible abuse of G_D and of humanity. My G_D is not the vassel of Iranian or American Presidents. My G_D does not bless the bombs and planes. Those who believe in a mean spritied and small G_D as party and justification of human atrocities do not believe in an all powerful G_D but rather in a puppet of thier own agenda. I have faith that they are worng and that people of faith, people of all faiths, will reject this gross manipulation and call it what it is - hateful cowerdice.