Saturday, March 24, 2007


"They're not supporting the troops. They're undermining them," is how Darth "Buckshot" Cheney referred to the House of Representatives. And, oh yes, let's not forget that these truly unpatriotic SOB's are "sending a message to terrorists that America will retreat in the face danger."

Oh give me a frickin break!! I'm beginning to believe that ol' Darth actually had The Big One a couple of years ago, and this dark-side apparition we see on the TV is really a robot who has been programmed with about three repetitive statements. Does anyone actually believe anything this old fart says? OK, yes, there must be some believers, those who take their daily dose of koolaid.

Darth, listen to me - it's time to retire. You've done enough damage to the world to last a lifetime. You have so totally screwed things up that the world will never be the same. Step down Darth - others are standing up, and you can stand down - NOW!

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  1. This is a time so dreadful, and it does evoke dread. The picture and the man, V.P. Cheney, reminds me of the menacing character in the film, "The Lives of Others." In this film, the Stasi spys on everyone. People are undone for the remainder of their lives just for having opinions, creating true art and literature, or being a beautiful actress who stops submitting to rape by the Minister (rhymes with sinister) of Culture.
    The movie evokes where the current cabal of evil (our current administration) is taking us. We are still a free country, but the Patriot Act and the privatization can lead us to...No, Darth Cheney and his ilk are not going to win.

    Anonymously yours