Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I'm using this post to announce my candidacy for President of the United States.

This is not a decision made lightly. The tipping point was the recent candidates "debate" for the eight announced Democratic Party candidates. Although I only heard the media sound bytes, they were enough to push me over the edge. Basically, I'm tired of politicians dancing around the real issues because they don't want to alienate any potential constituencies. As a result, we have: Senator Clinton stressing that she's tough enough to retaliate against terrorists who attack us; Senator Obama endlessly reminding us that he was always against the Iraq War - from the beginning; and then there's Mr. Edwards, who admits that, yes, he lives a privileged life as evidenced by his $400 haircuts , but we need to remember that he comes from poverty. Oh give me a break!!

My candidacy stands firmly on one single pledge: I will always talk about the real issues - honestly and from my heart.

Future posts will provide details about my programs. I'll talk about foreign policy, the "Global War on Terror," education, environment, health care, justice, and communication.

I hope you'll visit again and read my opinion. I hope you'll comment so we can have a national, and international, dialogue about reality.

Thank you, and remember:

Not just for the halibut


  1. Paul, you can count on my vote! I'd like to see a politician whose litmus test on all decisions is, will this benefit the people of my country?

    And instead of a pro-life or pro-choice candidate I'd like to one who is pro-birth control. Or maybe pro-unwanted pregnancy prevention. Personally, I was shocked when I went to fill a perscription for birth control for the first time in years and found that a) my insurance didn't cover it and b) it cost $48 for one month - yikes! And yet, if I got pregnant insurance would have to pay a lot more - it doesn't make sense. So is family planning just for the well off these days?

    Thanks for letting me vent!

    Hope you had a fun time in Ashland!


  2. Thanks for the comment Tiffany. I'll have a future post about my position re: the medical-industrial complex. But your comment goes a lot further than greedy insurance companies and touches on the larger issues of population growth and planning - all within the context of The Unifying Issue that I just presented in a blog post.

    And yes, Ashland was a fun time.