Saturday, May 03, 2008


I use a web tracker (StatCounter) to monitor the traffic on my blog. This is a lot of fun, particularly since they added a Google Map feature that shows the location of the internet service provider from which each hit originates, along with a whole bunch of statistics and information about each hit.

Here's the map showing the origins of recent traffic. Wow - even India! I've had hits from Europe, South America, and Asia (including China, so I must not be too out there for the Chinese internet censors). I even had one that appeared on the map as a point in the ocean off the west coast of Africa, near the equator, and there was very little information about this particular hit - hmmm, maybe a U.S. spy ship checking up on me?

The stats include the duration of each hit - and unfortunately, some of the more exotic ones had a duration of 0 seconds, which means they didn't stop long enough to read anything. I did have a recent hit, however, with a duration of over 14 hours! Must have either read everything I've ever written, or just left the computer on my blog all night.

Anyway, I can delude myself into thinking that I have a world-wide audience for this blog.

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