Saturday, January 16, 2016


A Message to those Good Old Boys

The good old boys, with guns and bluster, have liberated the land for the people.
The good old boys, with righteous patriotic rhetoric, have dealt a blow to over-reaching government.
And the good old boys, with snicker bars and vanilla creamer, have defended the constitution.
The only problem is, the good old boys are wrong.

The people already own the land these squatters have liberated.
The government manages that land to benefit everyone, including the neighbors.
And the Constitution of the United States is just fine without those good old boys.

The Bundy Bunch are criminals, not patriots.
The Bundy Bandits are outsiders meddling in other peoples business. 
The Bundy Bozos are a three-ring circus with no cotton candy.
Just who do you good old boys think you are?

The National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect the land and wildlife from people like you.
Real ranchers and farmers want you to go away so they can get back to important things.
How can we, the people, help you back to the real world, instead of your fantasy video game?

What will you do when I show up at the gate?
What will you do when I demand that you give me back my land; the land my government manages for me?
What will you do when I bring 500 people with me who also demand you return their land to them?
Are you ready to kill us? 

You want a cause to fight for? There are so many.
But the fight you have started is not one of them.
How about Black Lives Matter? Because they do.
How about feeding hungry children? Because there are so many in our united states.
How about ending the epidemic of deaths and injuries by guns? Because more than 30,000 lives every year is way too many.
How about lifting people up from poverty? Giving every person a place to live? Ending hatred and bigotry? Spreading good?
Not your problem. Too busy defending everyone from the Boogeyman. Such self importance is a heavy burden to bear! 

So pack it up, good old boys.
You said your piece. You got your two weeks of media attention. Now you need to go away.
And when you pack it up, be sure to take your vanilla coffee creamer; they might not have any for you in prison.

p. fishman - january 2016

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