Friday, October 07, 2016


It is no surprise to most people when, every one or two days, Donald J. Trump says something, or something is revealed about him that makes jaws drop world-wide. His vulgarity, crudeness, bullying, name calling, misogyny, rudeness, business practices, tax evasion and lying are astounding, and can't possibly get worse, we think, until it does. 

I have predicted that the snowball of backlash rolling down the political hill would reach a point where it suddenly started to grow so large that impending doom would be certain. I think that point has been reached. Donald J. Trump is going to lose the 2016 election by an historic margin to Donald J. Trump. And the President-elect will be Hilary R. Clinton; thank you Donald.

The Trump campaign will have it's own special place in the history books and the tutorials for political campaigning as the best example of how to beat yourself in an election. Perhaps the Donald's self-destruction is an expression of the probable fact that he never thought, and never really wanted to be President of the United States. After all, he would certainly have to give up running the Trump business empire, take a huge pay cut, have to put his tax returns on public display every year, actually do hard work every day, and behave in a manner uncharacteristic of himself. What a bummer that would be! 

So even though nobody, including Donald, ever imagined Donald Trump would last long in the field of Republican candidates, and certainly not make it to the final few, and never, ever, ever be the actual nominee of the Grand Old Party...well, as Jeb said, stuff happens! `So now what? I think we are witnessing his answer to his own question. 

And by the way, does the J in Donald J. Trump really stand for Jerk?


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