Thursday, January 12, 2017


I've been wondering about something since the election in November: is the Republican Congress really in alignment with Trump? Well, for one thing, do we really know what Trumpism actually is? The DOTUS-elect talks in sweeping generalities, so it's been difficult to pin down what he actually stands for and what he actually wants to do. And we should not forget that many, if not most of the GOP leadership was very much against Trump before he won the nomination.

But I do know this, the GOP has sprung into action even before Trump has been inaugurated. They are wasting no time pushing through legislation intended to be the wrecking ball of Democratic achievements. And they have very deliberately scheduled confirmation hearings for Trump cabinet appointments within a very tight timeline, and before the vetting of these nominees has been completed.

In typical Trump fashion, he held a press conference on the same day as critical confirmation hearings in the Senate, and very purposefully threw hand grenades at the press in order to divert media attention away from the hearings and focused on his press conference performance (and I use the term performance very deliberately).

And so, even before there is a President Trump, we have the Grand Old Party wrecking havoc on our nation. And let's be crystal clear here, these GOP mobsters are hell-bent on destruction, and have nothing good in mind for the rest of us.

Case in point: is anyone else as astonished as I am that after 6 years of trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans don't have an alternate health care plan in mind? Seriously? You've had 6 years of whining and lying and trying to destroy the health care safety net for Americans, and you have no plan to replace it? That's not just nuts, that's evil!! You, members of the GOP Congress, are disingenuous, shallow and reprehensible people who have and are shirking the primary task assigned to you by the Constitution of the United States: "Congress shall promote the general welfare." A pox on all your houses!

Meanwhile, on the question of the GOP being Trumpist, well, it remains to be seen. The GOP Congress, like dung beetles in a pile of elephant poop, have rushed headlong into repealing "Obamacare" as quickly as they can. Do they have an alternate plan in place? Well, no, they admit, but they will come up with something within several months. But wait a minute, the DOTUS-elect has a different idea; he has stated that repeal and a new plan will be done simultaneously. Oops. Is this simply a case of mixed signals, or is there actually a disconnect between the Congressional GOP and the incoming executive?

We need to pay attention to this aspect of the new administration and the Congress. Will they be aligned, or will Trump and his GOP-led Congress continue to have different ideas? Time will tell.


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