Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Donald J. Trump is not a smart person. Trump the person is not the reason he is president; Trump the idea is the reason. It has never made sense that working people, poor people, college-educated people, and other demographics voted for, and many still support Trump. Really, does Trump care about any people other than himself and his close family? The obvious answer is, he does not.

No, Donald Trump is not the brains behind the Trump ascendency and the Trump presidency. He is the tool, and, if we change one letter, the fool. Trump was not the brains behind his campaign. He did not plan the strategy, develop the message, write the speeches. (To be fair, most candidates don't either, but most are certainly very involved.) Trump was good at one general theme that encompassed provoking the crowd, firing up populist ideas, race-baiting, thuggery and name-calling. He is terrific at self-promotion, and terrible at everything else. He has not written any Executive Orders; he has not conceptualized any legislation. He has only signed his seismographic signature and smiled for the cameras.

So who are the Operators of the Trump tool? Are they his children? Are they the people he has placed close to him in the White House, like Steve Bannon? Well, no. These people are his handlers, the ones who try to tell (suggest to?) him what to do and how to do it, to stay on-message, and to get in front of the cameras and try to explain that the alternative facts are the real facts, no matter what the Fool in Chief tweets. These are not the high level Operators.

The Operators are people most of us have never heard about. They are people the mainstream media don't talk about, either. They are members of the Billionaire Class who actually, unlike Trump, are intelligent and have tremendous amounts of control in our society, and others around the globe.

This all sounds shady and thriller novel-like, doesn't it? Conspiracy theory stuff. Shadowy figures pulling levers and strings. Well, yes, it does. And I believe it is something we all need to look at. For starters, take a look at this piece in the Guardian about Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, and Cambridge Analytica. Is it getting chilly in here?


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