Tuesday, July 04, 2017


We proudly fly OUR flag for every national holiday. For many years, it seemed that the American flag belonged to the folks on the right (not correct) side of the political spectrum; but this was a false narrative. This flag is OUR flag, "our" meaning everyone in America. It is a symbol of many things, including the good, the bad and the ugly. But mostly it is a symbol of a country that was founded on a set of remarkable ideals, and by remarkable I don't mean perfect, but ideals that we can hold up and strive towards.

I believe in America. I believe that as a nation, as a people, we will somehow survive this present phase of populist, authoritarian leadership and systematic government deconstruction. We will emerge a damaged nation, both physically and in spirit. However, we have a touchstone, a place we can go together to find our way again, and it is the Constitution.

In the time B.T. - before Trump - we knew that there were many very serious issues to deal with as a nation. We continued to leave many of our sisters and brothers in unacceptable situations, victims of institutionalized systems that were unjust. This has not changed, it has only gotten worse under Trump. When we emerge from the Era of Trump, we will not only need to pick up where we were B.T., but also roll up our sleeves and fix the extensive damage done by Trump and his minions. But I have faith in America. If we pull together as a nation characterized by diversity, the strength of that diversity will pull us through.

So celebrate America today. Take a few moments to contemplate what America is, what it stands for, what it's potential is and can be. Say hello to your neighbors. Embrace the vitality of our diversity.

And then get back to the beer and burgers and fireworks.

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