Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Wow - now that was some excitement last night at the ol' CNN democratic candidate debate. Barak and Hillary having at it, big time! This was some of the best name-calling, mud-slinging, accusation-flinging "debating" I've seen (not that I've watched very many of these).

So I got to thinking, "how much of this can we stand?" But then I realized that this is really good prime-time entertainment when it's such a spark-fest. These people are becoming real professionals at presidential candidate debating; so maybe there's a future in it for them - Reality TV!

Maybe I should pitch this idea to some producers. Film crews can follow Hillary and Barak around all day and night, peeking into their strategy sessions, rehearsals, bus time, meals, ups and downs. We can watch as campaign staff dig for dirt on the opposition, develop stinging sound-byte quality zingers for their candidate to memorize, rehearse their candidate in the dramatic arts, such as double-takes, painful looks, hateful glares, and righteous indignation. Each week the tension can build towards the debate, where they will be in the glare of the lights, live on-camera for the world to watch.

Hey - who needs a President when we have reality TV? Who needs real issues when we have real drama? What could be better than the innuendos of race, gender, conservativism, back-room deals, big corporate donations, and hints of possible scandal?

Sounds great, doesn't it? My only problem is, I don't watch reality TV - reality is bad enough!


  1. Or we could write in a candidate who wants to deal with reality: i.e, climate change, poverty/hunger, health care deprivation, a falling economy,restoring the constitution. But who? Who could win this election who wants to deal with these realities? Not that guy without an opportunity to be seen on the debates, although he's still in the running, Dennis Kucinich. Not Richardson, or Biden. They weren't able to finance their run or get face time either.

    What a way we have to select a President!!


  2. I wonder - why do we have reality t.v. but not reality radio?

  3. We do have reality radio Tiff....it's called NPR.