Friday, October 03, 2008


Gimme a G, Please!!
Janitors at Washington University in St. Louis spent all night after the Biden-Palin debate sweeping up thousands of letter g's dropped by Governor Palin.

Genealogist Reviews Alaska Governor's Name
A leading genealogist has determined that following their relocation to Wasilla, Alaska the Governor's parents changed the family name from Paling to Palin in order to better fit into the Alaskan "hockey mom" dialect.

Subsets of GOP Base Express Displeasure at Exclusion
Several subgroups of the traditional GOP base have expressed their dismay at being left out of Governor Palin's speeches. Republican wine drinkers, or "Jon 750ml" feel slighted by Palin's repeated references to "Joe Sixpack." And soccer dads are upset by the V.P. candidate only referring to hockey moms; "Golly gosh" one soccer dad said. "we soccer dads are helpin' McCain in winnin' this election, too!"

Medical Experts at Loss to Explain Palin Twitch
Medical experts who have reviewed the medical records of Governor Sarah Palin cannot find any pathological reason for her annoying eye twitch evident during the recent Biden-Palin debate. "There does not seem to be any neurological cause" stated one of the experts. Some experts hypothesized that the Governor might have had an irritant in her left eye - perhaps a small piece of mascara. The cause of the twitch remains a mystery.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Very funny post!

    And what about all the other elementary kids who didn't get a "shout-out"?

    Between the "shout-out" and "doggone-it" I was (once again) embarrassed that this woman could be on a presidential ticket.