Thursday, October 09, 2008


Blogger's note: O.K., I have to admit that I've had a lot of fun making fun of Senator Jon McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. I think that the Republican ticket for President and Vice-President of the United States is, well, bizarre. But I need to stop the joking and get serious, because this truly is the most important election in the United States in my life of 6+ decades. So from now until the election, when I write about the election, I'll focus on the issues.

But first, there is something I have to say - and this is serious. In the past few days, I've heard and read news reports about the behavior of some people at Palin rallies. People have shouted out remarks about Senator Obama being a terrorist, about him being treasonous, have shouted racist slurs, and have even reportedly shouted out "kill him," perhaps in reference to the former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers. The fact that Sarah Palin did not stop her speeches and chastise these hecklers, the fact that the McCain-Palin campaign has not denounced such behavior, the fact that the campaign appears to be purposefully whipping up these emotions in crowds at their rallies - these facts are reason enough for all Americans to reject the idea of McCain and Palin in the White House.

In these final days of the campaign, as the economy of the United States free-falls to who-knows-where; as U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan increasingly say that the war there is being lost; as more Americans lose their jobs, their homes, and their retirement funds; we voters need to pay attention to one thing - the issues. Where does each candidate stand on the critical issues of our country and the rest of the world? Ask that question. Look for the answers. Make an informed decision.

And then VOTE.


  1. I didn't realize things have gotten so ugly in the US with the election.

    When our country is in a free fall and both democrats and republicans are losing their retirement - why are republicans focused on name-calling? Is this High School Musical 4: The Dark Side?

    Or is name-calling all they got in their empty bag of tricks?

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    This is the true terror: This country has a history of racism, xenophobia, McCarthyism.Difficult times will always fan flames of hatred when the blowtorch is issued from the mouths of hatemongers. When those hatemongers stand together at a Republican Convention and subsequent political rallies, the wildfire of vicious misdirected anger is spread.

    We saw McCain recoil when a woman announced to him: "I don't trust Obama; he's an Arab." McCain's response (genuine in the moment): "No M'am, he's a good man, a family man......" The response was inadequate, just as Hillary's response was inadequate so many months back when she was running and interviewed on NPR.

    When asked if she believed Barack that he is a Christian, her response (paraphrase here), well he says he's a Christian. What if she had acknowledged that it is inappropriate to infer that Muslim religion is inherently unAmerican? What if McCain had said, something like: M'am, we don't equate Arab people with being terrorists, or bad. And I know Barack Obama is a good man,

    I am frightened to see what we all know occurred in Weimar Germany, Bosnia, Rawanda.

    We are people who can make a difference. It's time we speak up for the peoples being maligned not just for our candidate!

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